Setting Up The DVR

Setting Up the DVR

The Recorded Programs feature lets you record programming for repeated viewing or viewing at a later time. Use <strong “mso-bidi-font-weight:=”” normal”=””>My DVR to view the programming you record.Set a Manual Recording
Manual recordings let you specify a specific time, channel, and/or date to record without using the channel guide. For example, you could record one channel for an entire evening.In the Main Menu, select My DVR >Set Manual Recording.

Press buttons (◄ ► ▲ ▼) to select up or down arrows at each field, then press OK to scroll to the setting you want:

From/To—Start/end times
Repeat—How often to record at these settings, such as Just Once, Weekdays only, Daily
Period start—Date to start recording

Press to backspace your entries.
For example, to change 9:30 to 9:00, press  twice and then type 00.

To name this settings group, click the Name tab. In the pop-up keyboard, press arrow buttons to select letters. Press OK after each letter to spell the name, and then select the check mark or OK.

If you don’t select a name, the system will assign one. You will see it when you check recording schedules at My DVR > Scheduled.

On the Set Manual Recording window, select Set and then press OK. Click OK in the confirmation window.

To view a list of programs that you have scheduled, select My DVR > Scheduled.

For complete information on operating your DVR, please refer to the Skitter TV User’s Guide, pages 14-22.