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Caller ID Instructions

Question: How do I get Caller ID to appear on my TV screen?

Answer: If you subscribe to STE Caller ID for your telephone, it will automatically appear on your Skitter TV screen.

Question: How do I stop Caller ID from appearing on my TV screen?

Answer: Press the MENU button on your remote control. Use the arrow buttons to select “Alerts” and press OK on your remote. Press OK on your remote to remove the check mark from the box. Use the arrow buttons to select “Apply” and press OK on your remote. Press x on your remote.


Change Skin or Guide Appearance

 Press the MENU button on your remote, and move the highlight to “Settings” and press OK.On the next menu, move the highlight to “Preferences” and press OK.On the Preferences menu, move the highlight to “Appearance” and press OK.  Here, you can change the Color Schemes, Font, Style, and whether to apply the changes to all of your TVs, or just the one you are making the changes on.Once you’re finished, hit the OK button to apply the changes.


Setting Up the DVR

 The Recorded Programs feature lets you record programming for repeated viewing or viewing at a later time. Use My DVR to view the programming you record.

Set a Manual Recording
Manual recordings let you specify a specific time, channel, and/or date to record without using the channel guide. For example, you could record one channel for an entire evening.

In the Main Menu, select My DVR >Set Manual Recording.

Press buttons (◄ ► ▲ ▼) to select up or down arrows at each field, then press OK to scroll to the setting you want:

From/To—Start/end times
Repeat—How often to record at these settings, such as Just Once, Weekdays only, Daily
Period start—Date to start recording

Press to backspace your entries.
For example, to change 9:30 to 9:00, press  twice and then type 00.

To name this settings group, click the Name tab. In the pop-up keyboard, press arrow buttons to select letters. Press OK after each letter to spell the name, and then select the check mark or OK.

If you don’t select a name, the system will assign one. You will see it when you check recording schedules at My DVR > Scheduled.

On the Set Manual Recording window, select Set and then press OK. Click OK in the confirmation window.

To view a list of programs that you have scheduled, select My DVR > Scheduled.

For complete information on operating your DVR, please refer to the Skitter TV User’s Guide, pages 14-22.


Remote Control Diagram

Remote Control User Guide and Codes (PDF)

It appears your Web browser is not configured to display PDF files. No worries, just click here to download the PDF file. 


Troubleshooting Tips

 Basic Troubleshooting Steps
By performing basic troubleshooting before you call our Technical Support team, you can often resolve the problem immediately, saving time and money. Try the following steps:
Step 1: Verify that your set-top box is powered on. If it is powered on, a light should be visible on the front of the box. If the box is not powered on, press the STB button on your remote.
Step 2: Verify that the electrical outlet has power and the correct power cord is securely plugged into the TV, set-top box, etc.
Step 3: Make sure all video cords and cables from the set-top box to TV and any cords between VCR’s or DVD players are securely plugged in.
Step 4: Unplug the black power cord from the back of the set-top box for 10 seconds and then plug it back in. When you see a picture on your TV screen, the reboot is complete.
Step 5: If the picture does not appear when the reboot is complete, verify that the TV is on the correct input. Press the source/input button on the TV remote until you see a picture.
Step 6: If you are using the TV coaxial input then verify that the TV is on the right channel, usually channel 3 or 4.
My TV screen is black.
Verify that the power to your TV is on. To turn on your TV with the Skitter TV remote press the TV button on the remote.
1. Verify that the power to the set-top box is on. (See Basic Troubleshooting Step 1 above for instructions.) Proceed to Reboot the Set-top Box Step 3 if your problem has not been resolved.
2.  Reboot the set-top box. (See Basic Troubleshooting Step 4 above for instructions.)
My TV screen is blue.
Make sure the TV is on the right input. (See Basic Troubleshooting Step 5 above for instructions.)

  • Verify that all other devices such as a VCR or DVD player are turned off.

Must my TV be set to Channel 3 or 4 for Skitter TV to work?
Usually your TV will need to be on Channel 3 or 4. This will be determined by what is selected in the hardware settings of the set-top box (STB). (Many newer TVs have dedicated inputs that are not dependent on the TV channel.)

I am unable to see all the channels in the guide.
You might have the guide on the Favorites List instead of the My Channels List. Press Guide on your Skitter TV remote control until you see My Channels appear in the left corner of the guide.

How can I operate my TV with my Skitter TV Remote Control?
 (see Remote diagram)
To turn your TV on and off, press your remote control TV button. To adjust your TV volume, press your remote control VOLUME +/- button until you reach the desired volume.

*Certain lesser-known TV brands cannot be operated with a Skitter TV remote. Your technician will alert you at the time of installation if the remote cannot be programmed to control your TV. In those cases, you will need to use your TV remote to operate the TV.

My remote isn’t working properly.
Verify that the batteries are not dead or low. Try the remote at a different set-top box if available.

There is no signal on the TV, the picture is snowy or the TV picture has blocks or is tiling.
Reboot your set-top box. (See Basic Troubleshooting Step 4 for instructions.)

A program I scheduled to record did not record. What happened?

There may have been a conflict in your DVR Schedule. You can schedule two programs to record at once, however a set-top box (STB) will need to be tuned to one of the programs. If not, one of your shows will not record. In the event that you are away during pre-scheduled recordings, your STB is programmed to automatically tune to the second program that you scheduled to record so that both programs will be recorded.

You can prioritize scheduled series recordings in the event of a conflict when you have more than two series scheduled to record at the same time. Please note that the system will not let you manually set-up more than two (2) non-series recordings to record at the same time.

Prioritize Scheduled Series Recordings

  1. Press the MENU button on your remote.
  2. Scroll to My DVR and press OK on your remote.
  3. Scroll to Priorities and press OK on your remote.
  4. Select program, and press OK on your remote to move the program UP in priority. Press i to move the program DOWN in priority.

To avoid this type of conflict, it is important to periodically review your recordings and priorities. Purge any shows you no longer wish to record.